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          In the year 2002 some of the family members had an insight and spiritual vision to take the initiative for the renovation work of the ‘Kavu’, with the aim of regaining the glory that the ‘Kavu’ adorned in its good old times. All the pacification and consecration activities were completed in a period of six months. Thus on 11th of November 2002, the installation ceremony was performed by ‘Thantris’ from ‘Aameda Mana’ at Udayamperur in Ernakulam District. The total expenditure for the proceedings and Poojas accounted nearly one Lakh rupees which was raised by the family members themselves. The ‘Bimbam’ (idols of the deities to be consecrated) were crafted out by Sri Rajarathinam, the master artisan from Chengannur 


          The deities worshiped at the ‘Kavu’ are ‘Sri Nagaraja’ and ‘Nagayakshi Amma’. The ‘Kavu’ now stands in its full might, and sanctity, having regained its past glory, giving blessings to all those who come in search of peace, mercy and prosperity. It is still a wonder that the ‘Kavu’, which remained in the demolished form was renovated even after decades of neglect and misadministration, to become a prominent place of worship; not only for the family members of Puthettu family but also for the public as a whole. May be it was the will of the deities that the things be done this way!


          The administration of the ‘Kavu’ is done by Puthettu Sarppakkavu  Samrakshana Samithy, constituting the members of Puthettu family. The Samithy has for its administration, Sri.T.S Sivasankaran Nair as the president, Sri.K.Suresh Kumar as the Secretary and Sri Krishnaraj.S as the Treasurer. All members of Puthettu family are general body members of the samithy.
Let our lord Sri Nagaraja help us in serving him better and let the thought inspire future generations in knowing his greatness.


          We have a lot of innovative prospects for the betterment of our family members as well as the society. We have plans to venture in to various activities that may prove favorable for achieving this goal. This includes providing study aids, offering scholarships and endowments to meritorious students and offering a helping hand for the poor and not so privileged mass. We also plan to help similar ventures of ‘Kavu’ renovation activities done by other individuals and organizations.  Any body interested in such activities can contact us either by mail or over the Phone . All such steps shall be perceived by Lord Sri Nagaraja with immense mercy and love.